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SPC Training: Instructor Materials for Statistical Process Control Training

Quality America offers a complete set of training materials designed to simplify the delivery of top-quality courses by qualified instructors. Students receive professionally-produced notebooks and textbooks that enhance their training experience and provide ready reference for years thereafter.

Includes 166 MS PowerPoint slides with detailed Notes and Workshop data:

Designed by author and trainer Paul Keller, features presentations and workshops on the application and interpretation of SPC.

Focuses on the fundamentals of the tools, applied in hands-on learning workshops.

Software is used as a training aid, so time is not wasted on tedious calculations.

Learn how and when the Shewhart control charts can (and cannot) be used to monitor and improve your process.

Fine-tune your Quality Improvement Program to your real world processes.

Deming’s philosophies, so integral to understanding the benefit and application of Statistical Process Control, are woven throughout the seminar.

Available student materials include:

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