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Software, Text, and ASQ Certified Quality Technician Exam Materials

ASQ's Certified Quality Technician Exam Materials

Prepare for the ASQ Certified Quality Technician exam with Quality Publishing's comprehensive set of training tools.
Why should you buy our CQT Certification materials?

The Handbook for Quality Technicians
& Mechanical Inspectors
607 pages, Softcover $65.00     [ BUY! ]
CQT Practice Exam CD-ROM CD-ROM (Windows 95 or higher) $49.00     [ BUY! ]
On-line Exam Evaluation 20 question Demonstration FREE

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The Handbook for Quality Technicians & Mechanical Inspectors


Thomas Pyzdek     [ BUY! ]

See Table of Contents

This softcover book covers 100% of the ASQ Body of Knowledge for the Certified Quality Technician. Use this book to prepare for the CQT exam and as a resource in your professional library.

CQT Practice Exam CD

includes solutions to published ASQ exam questions relating to the CQT body of knowledge, with exercises are designed to make you think about and understand the subject, preparing you for any future exam questions. Practice answering simulated or past exam questions while the program keeps track of how long you take, correct and incorrect answers, your score, and a variety of other vital statistics and information. It includes hundreds of multiple-choice questions with detailed solutions. The program lets you choose categories of questions and the number of questions to include on your practice tests. Then it keeps track of the time you take to answer the questions, and provides graphical summaries of correct and incorrect responses and overall scores by category and for all categories combined. You can use the information to customize your study program. You can create as many customized exams as you wish.

There are 398 questions in this practice exam.

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