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Reference Text & Certified Quality Engineer Exam Materials

ASQ's Certified Quality Engineer Exam Materials

Prepare for the ASQ Certified Quality Engineer exam with Quality Publishing's comprehensive set of training tools.
Quality Engineering Handbook 732 pages, Softcover $70.00     [ BUY! ]
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The Quality Engineering Handbook
Second Edition

by Thomas Pyzdek     [ BUY! ]
Quality Engineering Handbook

See the Table of Contents. Note this edition contains the material included in the 2006 ASQ Body of Knowledge.

The Quality Engineering Handbook is a great reference tool, and with its related materials, helps prepare you for the ASQ Certified Quality Engineer exam.

This is the definitive Quality Engineering reference text written by one of the foremost authorities on the subject! Formerly called The Complete Guide to the CQE , this deluxe softcover book covers 100% of the ASQ Body of Knowledge for the Certified Quality Engineer. The Second Edition of the Quality Engineering Handbook includes a re-organization of material to match the ASQ Certified Quality Engineer Body of Knowledge. Many enhancements were made, including new sections or additional material on Management Systems, Leadership and Facilitation Principles and Techniques, Training, Customer Relations, Documentation Systems, Domestic and International Standards, Measurement Systems, Reliability / Safety / Hazard Assessment Tools, Problem Solving, Statistical Decision Making and Designing Experiments. The References and Index were completely revised to reflect these improvements. Use this book to prepare for the CQE exam and as a resource in your professional library.

"With everything this book offers, it is a must read for anyone preparing for the ASQ certification exam. It is well written and can be used as a standalone resource for quality engineering information." Sohail Anwar, Quality Progress review

"The author set out to cover all of the Certified Quality Engineer body of knowledge. He has achieved that objective. More important he has compiled all of the basic information required by a quality engineer on a daily basis. I intend to place the book within easy reach and expect to refer to it frequently. I am a fan of Juran's, Quality Control Handbook, but I expect that this book will replace much of my reliance upon Juran's excellent handbook...Tom Pyzdek has done it again." Eugene M. (GENE) Barker, CQE, Boeing Technical Fellow, The Boeing Company, Quality Press Publications review

"I found the material easy to read at a university undergraduate level. Overall, the level of technical sophistication targeted for the engineering community ranges from elementary to moderate. Topics covered include general knowledge, conduct and ethics: quality practices and applications statistical principles and applications; product process and material control; measurement systems; and safety and reliability." Daniel Speck, Carleton Technologies, Inc. Technometrics review

"The Quality Engineering Handbook and CQE Study Guide forced me to think because answers to the questions were not always given in a straightforward manner. I had to search for the answers to questions or work the solutions to problems while learning the formulas and concepts thereby impressing this information on my mind and not just committing the information to memory. The Quality Engineering Handbook is thorough in that it not only introduces you to the CQE Body of Knowledge, but in addition it explains and gives understanding of its use. The approach that the author took was one different for all others that I had previously encountered because he emphasized studying the Body of Knowledge and learning it rather than studying for the CQE test. I followed the author's advice and took this approach. I was successful in passing the ASQ CQE certification examination with relative ease in December of 2000 after two prior failed attempts. I highly recommend these materials to study for anyone who is seriously considering taking the ASQ CQE exam and passing it." Henry White of Richmond, Virginia

"I have found his (Pyzdek's) CQE Handbook and SPC guides invaluable and I keep them on my desk for reference. And most important, they actually are useful in answering questions. Thank you." Ronald S. Gach, Quality Engineering, Powertrain CBU

CQE Practice Exam CD
This program is focused on the exams themselves. With it, you can practice answering simulated or past exam questions while the program keeps track of how long you take, correct and incorrect answers, your score, and a variety of other vital statistics and information. It includes hundreds of multiple-choice questions with detailed solutions. The program lets you choose categories of questions and the number of questions to include on your practice tests. Then it keeps track of the time you take to answer the questions, and provides graphical summaries of correct and incorrect responses and overall scores by category and for all categories combined. You can use the information to customize your study program. You can create as many customized exams as you wish.

Newly updated to 2006 Body of Knowledge! Includes over 850 questions!

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Quick Reference Notes
The essential formulas, tables, and principles on ANOVA, SPC, statistical distributions, hypothesis testing, confidence intervals, metrology & inspection techniques, quality management, regression, reliability, and sample size determination.